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Overseas Activities

Main International activities


Having equity in many major international contracting companies;
and by "Forming" a tailored consortiums for each project, We act in the following areas:
Infrastructure engineering (highways projects and execution), hospitals, turn -key industries, airports and sea-port´s terminals, electric generation plants, transports, railways & underground "Metro", basic sanitary projects, waste to energy, etc.


Long term investments in "Allocations" and Export:

• Ethanol.
• Cement & Clincker.
• Edible oils. 
• Oil & Gas.
• Bio-fuels and additives.
• Agriculture (soy, sugar cane, coffee, wheat, rice, corn, etc.)
• Precious Matelas.
• Woods & Timber.
• Fertilizers



Precious Metals.


A multinational group "Closed Fund" established in 1995, has jointed various national and international investors and companies “already acting in the global markets since 1989”, with a large “PORTFOLIO” including activities in several areas..
 Our financial companies invest in highly “growing-levels” projects “especially with potential technology’s innovation” and as well in trading financial papers, titles and instruments.
 Our subsidiaries, companies, industries, partners and cooperators located in USA, Central & South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, continuously make the best strategic joint-ventures with public and private companies, maximizing the investments and expanding our group’s operating base and the invested funds

Overseas Activities

• Equity & Assets acquisition.
• Finance, banking operations, investments, financial papers, instruments and bonds trading.
• International general trading (commodities, crude-oil and derivatives, ethanol, construction products, fertilisers, food stuff, edible oils, home appliances, cosmetics, chemical products, spare parts, textiles, garments, shoes, etc.);
• Industrial development.
• Bio-fuels and additives;
• Agriculture (soy, sugar cane, wheat, rice, corn, etc.);
• Food Industry (diaries, edible oils, canned food, juices, chocolates, biscuits, sweeties, etc.);
• Metallurgical industry (aluminium, iron, Steel, profiles, etc.);
• Woods, hard boards, mdf, mdp, ff, etc.
• Carbon credit & Eco-products.
• Bio-technologies.
• Infrastructure engineering and contracting (highways projects and execution), hospitals, turn -key industries, airports & sea-port´s terminals, electric transmission lines, transports, underground, basic sanitary projects, etc.);
• Energy generating.
And more.


Our group´s capital structure is distributed as follows:
• 07% risk capital designated for research, new technologies development, new products and mining exploration.
• 25% for import & export financing.
• 15% industrial investment.
• 13% bonds & financial instrument´s trading.
• 20% long terms investments “commodities”.
• 10% public companies.
• 10% liquid reserves.

Research & New Technologies

We invest and buy new inventions and Technologies:
• New products (general).
• Renewable Energy.
• Bio-energy.
• Water treatment
• Electronics.
• Eco-products.
• Automation.
• Security.
• Industrial technologies.
• Recycling.

Financial Engineering

Our highest standard financial department´s team along with its excellent relationship with the international financial market "Private and Public funds and Banks", offer full confidence in our ability to develop plans and financial solutions.
Providing engineering to bring the best results for our business operations and for our partners, that can reach US$ 200 Billion.

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Av Fernando Simões Barbosa, 266
Salas 4110 a 4117,
CEP: 51020-390 Boa Viagem– Recife/PE - Brasil

** Braziliano Participações.
** Corporate & Asset Science International, Inc. (CASI) a holding corporation..
UN Global Compact Member # 95291
** Diversified Energy & Natural Resources “DENR”

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